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Becker Hearing Center is a full-service audiology office. Educating patients is a big part of what we do; we make sure all of our patients are fully informed so they can make the best decisions about their own hearing health. Whether you’ve noticed some symptoms of hearing loss, you need your current hearing aids adjusted or replaced, or you’re looking to protect your hearing for the future, come see us. We believe in treating all of our patients as if they were a member of our family.

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We offer the following services for your hearing health:


Trial Period

We offer all new users a trial period of 45 days. We also generally ask our patients to come back within a week or two of their fitting so we can make sure everything fits and is working the way you need it to. We encourage everyone to come back as often as they want, but we recommend coming to us for a cleaning and check of their hearing aids every three to four months.

Your First Appointment

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Our thorough hearing examination and your answers will give us a complete understanding of your hearing. Once everything’s completed, we’ll go over your results and then talk to you about your treatment options. Some patients have no hearing loss, in which case we’ll take the current results as a baseline and recommend that you come back in a year or two just to keep an eye on things. In some cases, hearing loss is simply a matter of blockage (such as ear wax), which can be treated on its own to restore your hearing to normal.

If your results indicate that hearing aids might be right for you, we keep demo units in our office so that you can try on hearing aids right then and there and see what a difference they can make. If you bring a spouse or family member with you, we’ll have them ask you a series of questions for us because it’s more important that you can understand their voice than ours! We’ll turn the hearing aids on and off and give you several options to compare. By the end of your fitting, we want you to be familiar with your options and comfortable with the decision you’ve made. It’s also important to know that you have a trial period and that we will be communicating with you throughout your trial period to make sure that your hearing aids are working for you.

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